Ocean Essence

Texture. Pattern. Color. Imagination. Ocean Essence. Do you need to understand it to fall in love with it? The Ocean Essence Collection is a celebration of the the finer details of the sea that we all too often take for granted. While some images are highly technical and were created with specialized lenses to magnify a minuscule portion of a marine animal, others are simply a fresh photographic approach that creates an artistic abstract beauty that would otherwise go unnoticed. We often exhibit our ocean wall decor as 24”x24” squares, but they can be made to 60”x60” and larger, limited only by your wall space. Individual prints can be stunning, however, we encourage your imagination to run wild with a 4 or 9 image collection, or just create a free-form collage in your mind’s eye and let one of our art consultants help bring it to life.

For custom sizes of our ocean wall decor, email design@gugunderwater.com or call 954-579-8096

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