The Piers

“Over my career, I’ve surfaced from dives under these piers, or used them for navigation from a boat so many times that they are part of my photographic experience; literally an integral element of my creative process. For years, I had resisted releasing any above-water images, but these piers and bridges kept resurfacing in various conversations, on daily beach walks, in childhood memories of winter vacations, or as the focal point of any beach community I’ve visited. A regular snapshot simply won’t do, and in creating an image, I strive to show each iconic locale in a new way, using photographic techniques that break a few rules, and usually end up looking more like an impressionist painting than a photograph.

For some collectors, there’s a personal connection to a particular pier; for others, its more about the beauty of the image and the way it transforms a room – there are no “rights or wrongs”, and that’s why these “coastal” photos have made their way into a wide range of decors, from homes overlooking that particular pier, to clear on the other side of the Earth!” — Gug

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