LOCATION:  Iceland

STORY:  While on a multi-week underwater shooting trip throughout Iceland, I came across a most peculiar field filled with shallow crystal-clear and nearly freezing water.  As it turns out, this was a farmer’s field that had been split by a recent earthquake.  With permission, I investigated a gaping crack in his farmland, and once below the surface, my mind was absolutely blown.  The Earth had literally been torn by the earthquake, exposing rock on either side of a chasm.  But just at the surface, where the field was now sloping into the massive crack, all the plant life remained.  And because these above-water plants didn’t know they were underwater, they were continuing the process of photosynthesis, creating a tiny metallic sheen of oxygen bubbles across the surface of their leaves.  In taking the photo, I am in a drysuit, positioned upright, with my head bobbing at the surface, and my fins about 1/3 of the way down into the chasm, which was about 25′ deep at it’s maximum, where a slight current was percolating up from the water table.

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For printing, Bouquet is flexible for cropping away from it’s native ratio of 3:2 into tall panoramic art or even a square, and is available in extremely large art sizes up to a maximum of 200″ tall.  It’s earth-tone color palette works nicely in rooms with complimentary colors including wood elements and grays.  You can purchase this luxury floral wall art print online in our standard sizes, but if you’d like to discuss a custom crop or size, please contact one of our design consultants at the art gallery.