Lilies In The Sky With Diamonds





STORY:  After finishing an art exhibit in Chicago, I was driving to a relative’s house for dinner in the burbs, and I stumbled across a bog covered in lily pads.  Not unusual for this time of year, but what really caught my attention was the pink tone of the flowers.  I was unable to determine if it was public or private land, but I figured it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?  And who doesn’t drive around Illinois with a 40-lb underwater camera, a drysuit, mask, fins & snorkel.  Isn’t that pretty much normal?  Well, for me it is.  I had made a sketch just like this photograph years ago, and had been waiting to find a clear-water pond with uniquely-colored flowers to the lily pads.

Many collectors wonder why they feel like they’ve never seen lily pads with the pinkish/magenta leaves.  I always reply with, “you have!  you’ve just never lifter one up to see it’s underside!”.  A large percentage of lily species actually do have this color tone to the bottom of the leaves.  We tend to only see the tops, which are are generally green and sometimes covered in a bit of algae.  And by the way, did you notice the sunfish in the bottom right corner of the photo?

For similar color and feel, check out two of my other lily pad photographs: Radiant Bloom and Spirit of the Yucatan.

For printing, Lilies In The Sky With Diamonds is flexible for cropping away from it’s native ratio of 3:2, into a 1:1 ratio square, 2:1 panoramic, or even 3:1 panoramic (if you’re okay with cropping out the sunfish), and is available in huge art sizes up to a maximum of 200″ wide.  You can purchase this luxury wall art online in our standard sizes, but if you’d like to discuss a custom crop or size, please contact one of our design consultants at the art gallery.