Through sheer power of will and determination, Gug actually taught himself how to take the camera out of the underwater housing, and take an above-water photo (can you believe it?!?!), and look what happened! In a move that we hope you won’t find too blasphemous, he is now making a collection of local hometown Florida water features that will only be exhibited at specific shows in close proximity to that feature (but of course, you can call the gallery any time to customize your’s). “Over my career, I’ve surfaced under these FL piers, or used them for navigation from a boat so many times that they are part of my photographic experience; literally an integral element of my creative process. For years, I’ve resisted releasing any above-water images, but in December, with few exhibits other than Art Basel Miami, I’ve had time to enjoy a few sunrises on my home beaches and realized the photographic potential right in my backyard. Over the upcoming month, I’m going to repeat this image for locals across FL, and wherever my travels take me, incorporating local iconic water features that define YOUR backyard.”

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