“While shooting California sea lions in Mexico last year (doesn’t that sound weird….last year???), I absolutely fell in love with their adorable faces and hysterical antics. And then….. when I met my first Harbor Seal while shooting in Monterey in September, I fell in love all over again! Apparently, this one had been chewing on my fin for a minute or so before I even noticed it, as I was obsessed with photographing the light rays streaming through the kelp in the cold waters of Point Lobos. Then he jumped in front of the camera, and photo-bombed my kelp shot! Just a few quick shots, and he took off, never to be seen again, but what a face, staring straight into my camera and straight into my heart!”

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A Day With the Manatees

“Oh, the weather is frightful…But the springs are soooo delightful…and since we’ve no place to go…. let it manatee, let it manatee, let it manatee”. 

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