Alien 24




Alien #24 is a larval Diamond Squid (Thysanoteuthis rhombus), putting on a spectacular color show. Total length ~ 2.5cm.

Like all cephalopods, this squid can change it’s color using chromatophores, and these colors no doubt mean something to this highly-intelligent animal, as color is a primary communication method among cephalopods, but we have yet to crack the code. Diamond squid are generally a deep-living species growing up to a meter, but like many in the Aliens Collection, they ascend towards the surface at night in a vertical migration, presumably to take advantage of a higher concentration of small prey at the surface. Quite adverse to my lights, it immediately bolted for the abyss, and as I followed, I eventually had to weigh the risk vs. reward, I quickly exceeded normal depths as indicated by my dive computer sounding an orchestra of alarms, reminding me that eventually, against my desires, I need to let it continue to the abyss alone.  I love how you can see it’s tiny mouth and all the internal organs through it’s transparent mantle.

For printing, we offer the Aliens as squares on either aluminum or canvas, but they are customizable into other shapes if your design plan requires it. You can purchase this luxury wall art online in standard sizes, but if you’d like to discuss a custom crop or size, please contact one of our design consultants at the art gallery.  Perhaps our most popular arrangement for Aliens is a grouping of three of our 15″ x 15″ aluminums, but I encourage you to discuss the size & shape of your project’s wall with one of our design consultants, who will help you develop an amazing contemporary art installation that blurs the lines between natural beauty and scientific fascination.  Alien 24 is available up to a maximum size of 54″.