It’s with great pleasure, that I get to introduce you to my good friend George.

When I’m living out at sea for years at a time, its tough to meet new friends, so I can’t help but to anthropomorphize some of my fishy friends. George lived on a particular sea mount in Papua New Guinea, and when I was shooting on his turf, he’d be all over me for the entire dive, every dive. As a full-grown great barracuda, he was around 6′ long, and sported a mean set of snarly chompers, but I know from experience that he’d never try to hurt me – there’s waaaay too much mis-information about how “dangerous” they are – but that doesn’t mean I try to put my hand in his mouth!. Actually, many times, I was focusing on a different subject, turn around, and he’d be just inches from my face, like he was inspecting my ears while I wasn’t looking, or getting jealous that I wasn’t paying attention to him!

George, buddy, I hope your snaggletooth grin has only gotten gnarlier and you’re still out there as king of your reef! – Gug

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