STORY: After a somewhat ordinary early AM scuba dive with my macro lens off the coast of Kona, I surfaced to nearly flat-calm seas about 10 minutes before sunrise to the most amazing colors in the sky.  Anticipation grew minute-by-minute, as I eagerly awaited the moment the moment when the rising sun would connect with the waterline.  The captain of the boat kept expecting me to return to the ladder at the stern, but I just kept floating behind the boat, hoping the sun would give me something magical.  And magical it was – orange turned to deep red, and the water reflected a purple that was beyond my expectations.  With exposure changing like crazy, I had to change settings every few seconds as the quantity of light multiplied with every fraction of a degree of sun’s angle.  Instead of focusing on the horizon, like practically every sunrise or sunset photographed before, I locked a manual focus on the water just in front of me to emphasize the ripples of the gently lapping sea, letting the sun fall gently behind as a background element in a photograph that is now based around the surface of the ocean. Purchase this sunrise wall decor online.