Whip It Good





STORY:  For this month’s new release, I’m trying something a bit different. I began by asking myself, “If I had access to a library of 100,000 underwater photos (which I do!), what would I want to hang as my living room statement piece”? My home décor is quite contemporary; mostly white with dark floors and glass/steel tables. I began by writing down a few key words & phrases – simple composition, bold primary color, small palette (few colors), vertical, pattern or lines, flow. Then I spent too many hours pouring over shots I’ve taken in the past 3 years, narrowed them down to a shortlist, scrutinized them to my standards under magnification, matched it up with a catchy 80’s music title, and voila – this is what belongs in my great room – maybe yours too?

Shot in Misool, West Papua, Indonesia, this is a type of gorgonian coral called “red sea whip” (Ellisella ceratophyta) which thrives in high-current zones. The tiny white “flowers” are the individual coral polyps making up the colony. Each 8-armed polyp is a clone at around 4mm, and they function as a organism together, forming this 1.75m tall colony. Love the bright colors of this long vertical wall art? Check out Candyland and Confetti to add a pop of color to another space.


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