Sun Of A Beach





STORY: For those who love the beach, sunrises & sunsets are the most magical times. And every once in a while, you receive a gift; a gift of color & texture that takes your breath away. In that moment, you simply must kick off your shoes and let the waves kiss your toes; otherwise, you’re only experiencing half the gift.

I know people will wonder if this is a sunrise or a sunset. I encourage you to ask yourself, “does it matter?”. If you love waking up at 6am and combing the beach for shells, then there’s your answer. Or if you love heading the the beach after work with a glass of wine, well, there’s your answer. Likewise, to some, knowing the location of the beach will be all they care about – and my answer will usually be, “where’s your favorite beach? Yep, that’s where I shot it”. But if your brain simply cannot lay to rest the questions of rise vs. set? and where?….., “in my backyard” is the answer to both.
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