Shark In Motion




LOCATION: Turks & Caicos

STORY: “She was my girlfriend for years. And it’s only through knowing her so well that I was able to capture such a special image. She would always follow the same patterns, and here, she’s rushing after the yellowtail snappers over and over, completely ignoring me. This is a carefully planned, and pre-visualized shot. Using a very long exposure, I let her charge past, and moved the camera in such a way as to let her motion streak, but my flash freezes her eyes and mouth. It took plenty of attempts, but the result was magic – the way her dorsal cuts the surface, the eye locks right on you, the feeling of, ‘I could, but don’t worry, I won’t’…..Its the reason this remains my favorite shark photo to date.” –Gug

* This image won Best In Show, and 1st Place in the Traditional Wide-Angle category in the Our World Underwater International Photo Competition

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