LOCATION: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

STORY: While scouting for squadrons of mating mobula rays with my drone along the coastline about 20 miles outside of Cabo, I noticed a particular beach with insanely powerful shorebreak waves, and I immediately saw the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art was right in front of me.  Over the next week, I made several more passes with my drone to see the break at different tides and the light at different times of day, and when I had finally figured out the ideal formula, I drove to closest point by car, and began my climb down the nearby rock face.  Of course, I could have just flown the drone from above, but I felt like I just had to explore that beautiful, isolated beach with my bare feet.

While the drone was in the air, my top-down view belittled the power that was unfolding just 50′ in front of me.  The waves were more powerful than anything I’d ever swam in – easily 14-16′ barrels, exploding right onto the sand.  I noticed off in the distance, there was a permanent double-red flag, indicating that it was never, ever safe to enter the water for swimmers, surfers, or boogie-boarders.  And for once in my life, I respected that sign.  So I piloted the drone up and down the coast, searching for the exact spot where the waves produced just the pattern of shorebreak that I wanted, and upon finding it, started to study the patterns of the wave’s crash, and how the sand sucked out behind the curl.  Firing shot after shot after shot, I eventually got ahold of the ocean’s timing, and was able to predict precisely when the ideal set was on it’s way in to shore.

FINE ART PRINTS:  Riptide is flexible in cropping away from the native 3:2 ratio into 2:1 and even 3:1 horizontal panoramic art, and is available in very large custom art sizes up tp 200″ wide.  You can purchase this beach wave art in our standard sizes online, or contact our design consultants to discuss a custom crop or sizing.  Order your print on our luxurious aluminum if you have good lighting in a more contemporary decor, or on our slightly gloss metallic canvas as a gallery wrap if your decor is more traditional or Mediterranean in style, or you simply don’t have optimal lighting for artwork.  Our talented in-house designers are happy to guide you through the process.

PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS:  Riptide was the winner of the UN World Oceans Day International Photo Contest