Reach For The Sky




LOCATION: Yucatan, Mexico

STORY: Almost all of the life in a cenote (the Spanish word for a freshwater spring) occurs where the underwater river eventually hits the earth’s surface. And where water meets sunlight, life explodes! Reach For The Sky is meant to be a complimentary piece to our popular Spirit of the Yucatan – after receiving feedback from our clients needing a vertically-oriented piece, we wanted to offer natively vertical artwork, rather than just cropping Spirit into a vertical. As Reach For The Sky was shot later in the day, it brings somewhat darker colors to the water, as the sunlight was already at an angle blocked by the forest canopy above. But this lets the magenta underside of the leaves stand out in even greater contrast, as my camera flash is now relatively more powerful than the sun. The goal was to create a complimentary piece that is similar in subject, but somewhat different in tones & feel.


For a similar color and tone Rainbow Reef would be very complementary to this piece.


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