LOCATION: Misool, West Papua, Indonesia

STORY:  For years, I had been wanting to make a relatively simple image of a golden damselfish set against a background of red sea whip coral. In my mind, it was more an image of a background coral with a small fish in it, rather than a photo of a fish in the coral. But on multiple trips to various South Pacific diving locations, there was always some problem with the sea whips – one branch would be broken, lack of current caused the polyps to be retracted, the damselfish was too rough… just always something to make me cringe with OCD!  So when I found this little gem living in what is clearly NOT red sea whips, I had to twist my mind out of it’s rigidity, and realize that the gorgonian coral background I was searching for was indeed a different species, and was right in front of me!

ACCOLADES:  Pinkaboo was awarded in Underwater Photographer of the Year, and it was also published in an article by Atlas Obscura, titled, “How the Best Underwater Photography Reveals A World of Wonder“.

PRINT SIZING:  The nature of this pink coral and fish photograph lends itself nicely to custom-sized and custom-cropped wall art.  It is normally shown it’s original 3:2 ratio horizontal, but it is a highly flexible photograph, and it can be printed as a long, thin panoramic, a square, or even a vertical crop!  As always, the best way to see it in your ideal custom size/crop is by using our Virtual Installation service.  Available up to 250” wide.

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