Mandarinfish Kisses




Location: Misool

Story: Mandarinfish (aka Mandarin Dragonettes, aka Mandarin Gobies) are without a doubt the cutest, most colorful, most charismatic little buggers in the sea! Looking like a box of Crayola crayons threw up all over them, they scoot around rocky rubble zones in very still water, and since they live deep within the rubble, I can usually only find them at dusk, when the males come out to the top of the coral to do their little shimmy-shaking “come hither” dance to attract a mate. It’s only then that the shot is possible. In a ~3 second spawning rise, they’ll wrap around each other, rise up perhaps 6 inches off the coral and then POOF – dart back into the shelter of the coral rubble. Only the keenest eye can see the cloud of eggs & sperm that was rapidly released while at their zenith. You can see those eggs in our popular Fish Faces image, Mandarinfish Love. And while you don’t see the eggs in this new Mandarinfish Kisses, their adorable puckery face was just too cute for us to resist adding to the collection. Shop fish wall décor for your home at Gug Underwater.