Grand Tetons




Location: Grand Teton National Park, WY
Story: The clear waters of Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park provided me with a fabulous foreground of multi-hued rocks, which stand in stark contrast to the powerful peaks of Grand Teton (at left) and Mount Owen (at right).  I’ve always felt that experiencing such an iconic location, one must understand the powers that shaped it into what we see today.  Water is the element that puts the final touches on the massive tectonic movement of the Rockies – it carves it, adding texture to the mountain as streams cut fine lines in the rock, following the same paths for hundreds of thousands of years, made a hair deeper with each rainfall and snowmelt.  As rock is being broken off the various colored layers of the mountains, it is slowly rounded into the shapes we see here over the millennia by the action of running water.  Water might just be the most overlooked part of a traditional landscape image, and to see it only from our normal “above-water” perspective is to literally and figuratively miss half the picture.
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