STORY:  The coral reefs of Key Largo represent one of America’s better ecological success stories, with the formation of John Pennycamp State Park in 1973.  While all of the world’s reefs are currently in a perilous state of decline, the waters inside the park have declined less than average, since it is a protected area against further human exploits.  Fantasea (get it? Sea Fan? Fan ta Sea???) shows a healthy reef dominated by gorgonian sea fans, surging back & forth with the swell in the shallow waters of the park’s preserve.  Key Largo is just a 90-minute drive from my home in Lauderdale by the Sea, so I make regular trips to dive these reefs, often driving down at 5:00am, diving for the day, grabbing a hotel, diving a 2nd day, and heading home for dinner – it’s close enough for me to think of it as my home turf.

For a similar color and feel of a coral reef but without the vibrant oranges, reds, and pinks, check out Oscillator and Two Worlds.

For printing of this coral reef artwork, Fantasea is flexible for cropping away from it’s native ratio of 3:2 into 2:1 panoramic art, and is available in huge art sizes up to a maximum of 250″ wide.  You can purchase this luxury wall art online in our standard sizes, but if you’d like to discuss a custom crop or size, please contact one of our design consultants at the art gallery.