Blue Man Group




LOCATION: Indonesia

STORY: There’s no way to predict a school of this magnitude appearing at any given moment, but as the old saying goes, “luck = preparation + opportunity”. That preparation, began, as most of my images do, with a sketch on paper, from somewhere around 2010, back when I lived in Papua New Guinea, and was first introduced to massive schools of these yellowtail fusiliers. And back then (and in other South Pacific locations throughout the years), I had some schools, but the shape of the school, or the water clarity, or the sunlight, or some other factor wasn’t quite right. So when this unexpected surprise presented itself to me at the very beginning of a dive, I knew the moment had arrived, and spent an hour becoming one with the school, feeling their patterns, and letting them become accustomed to my presence, until the last breath was sucked from my scuba tank.

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