LOCATION: The Fairy Pools, Scottish Highlands

STORY:  Sometimes, the best images rise out of failure.  I had intended to get in the iconic Fairy Pools and create a half-in/half-out split-shot, but once I got there, it just didn’t match my vision, and after spending over half a day walking up and down the falls, I realized my vision just wasn’t possible.  I started photographing the waterfalls from a wide perspective, like many a photographer had no doubt done before me, but the violent splashing kept sending droplets onto my lens.  After wiping the lens (and my face) dry for the 10th time, I realized I might be focusing on the wrong thing…the splashes were getting all my attention anyway – maybe that’s what I should train the lens on!

Now Scotland, while beautiful in so many ways, isn’t exactly known for it’s clear blue skies and wild sunsets.  So waiting for light to shine on the falls was a trying experience.  Only for a few brief periods over several hours did the sun fall upon my composition, and in those fleeting moments, Molecules, Anti-Gravity, and H2-Woah were born.


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