Alien 9




Young seahorses adrift on a blade of seagrass – likely Hippocampus erectus, but classification unsure.
Adrift and alone – it seems like a nightmare for us humans, but are these seahorses perfectly content?  Very likely!  After all, there’s abundant planktonic food all around in the form of <1mm amphipods & copepods, and they’re getting to travel the world. Would they be more successful if their clump of sargassum eventually got pushed together with a 2-mile stretch of floating sargassum? Maybe… or maybe this is all part of the plan; drifting until chemical cues let them know that a suitable environment exists on the seafloor below.  

Did you notice their neighbors also clinging to the sargassum?  Eight tiny filefish are mouth-anchored to the seaweed!  They seem to have no relationship with the seahorses other than they both like clinging to sargassum.  And the feathery bits are stinging hydriods – don’t lick those.  The seahorses are likely immune to their stings thanks to their tough body armor.


For printing, we offer the Aliens as squares on either aluminum or canvas, but they are customizable into other shapes if your design plan requires it. You can purchase this fine seahorse wall art in standard sizes, but if you’d like to discuss a custom crop or size, please contact one of our design consultants at the art gallery.  Perhaps our most popular arrangement for Aliens is a grouping of three of our 15″ x 15″ aluminums, but I encourage you to discuss the size & shape of your project’s wall with one of our design consultants, who will help you develop an amazing contemporary art installation that blurs the lines between natural beauty and scientific fascination. Alien 9 seahorse print is available up to a maximum size of 54″.