Alien 8




ALIEN #8: Ctenophore of the genus Ocyropsis (classification unsure). ~10cm diameter
Ctenophores, or comb jellies, are highly abundant throughout all oceans, arctic and tropical. They’re harmless to humans, but a swimming death trap if you’re a <1mm amphipod ambling through the water. From the side, they’re beautiful spherical-looking balls of goo with cilia lining their bodies in rows that pulsate with bioluminescent and reflective color. But I chose this “top down” perspective (which is subjective, because a comb jelly doesn’t have a regular orientation in the water column) to show its spacecraft shape which is only apparent from this angle – like a cross between the Enterprise, and a Tie Fighter. While comb jellies are quite common, getting this symmetrical top-down angle took me quite a bit of effort, as they’re constantly in motion and any movement from my body or bubbles cause a pressure wave that change it’s shape.

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