Alien 29




Alien 29 – Bony-eared Assfish at about 5cm length.  The holy grail has been found!!!!

For years, I’ve been lusting after the ultra-rare Bony-Eared Assfish (Acanthonus armatus) – and after countless hundreds of hours over several years of searching – it finally became a reality.  The Bony-Eared Assfish is a species of deep-water cusk eel (not actually an eel) who lives down at several thousand meters deep. Only the beautiful larval-stage individuals sometimes rise up to scuba diving depths at night in the daily vertical migration.  There’s a lot of speculation over where it got it’s name.  The “bony-eared” part comes from some spines that protrude in that area.  But the “assfish” part?  There’s some inconclusive thoughts that the Greek roughly translates, but it’s a stretch.  Either way, while most people assume I made that name up, it’s legit!  While this larval fish is undeniably beautiful, the adult is… well… not so much.  It looks like a smooshed, elongated teardrop, and has a face only a mother could love.  And for nifty trivia, the bony-eared assfish has the lowest brain to body ratio of any fish!  But it’s looks in youth more than make up for it!

For printing, we offer the Aliens as squares on either aluminum or canvas, but they are customizable into other shapes if your design plan requires it. You can purchase this luxury wall art online in standard sizes, but if you’d like to discuss a custom crop or size, please contact one of our design consultants at the art gallery.  Perhaps our most popular arrangement for Aliens is a grouping of three of our 15″ x 15″ aluminums, but I encourage you to discuss the size & shape of your project’s wall with one of our design consultants, who will help you develop an amazing contemporary art installation that blurs the lines between natural beauty and scientific fascination.  Alien 29 is available up to a maximum size of 54″.