Alien 14




ALIEN #14 – Arrow squid inking ~7cm long.
On some nights while drifting through the blackness, I find no squid at all. On other nights, the squid can be so thick that they are constantly smacking into me, likely attracted to my lights, or perhaps just wanting to use my body as shelter. But it can be a bit unnerving and annoying when dozens or even hundreds of these guys are constantly smacking into me at full speed. Sometimes after they smash into me, they’ll get freaked and ink themselves. This ink is designed to visually distract a would-be predator, as well as disrupt some predators’ sense of smell and other chemical receptors. But to my camera, the ink lays the background of this Alien soaring through a nebula. And to be honest, sometimes when things smack into me while I’m in the blackness……I ink myself too.