Alien 10




ALIEN #10 –

Diamond squid (Thysanoteuthis rhombus) are the top models of the Aliens world. They often strike a pose where their arms are flattened laterally, but spread horizontally (as seen in the diamond squid from Alien 24). But this one put on a special show by spreading symmetrically in all directions. What did that pose mean? Was it normal for this individual, or is this universal diamond squid language for something? To surmise or say “it looks like a _____ posture”, is nothing but anthropomorphizing, because their language is completely outside our understanding. Still, it’s fun to postulate, and I can’t help but think it’s trying to be the best model it can be!
Diamond squid will grow to ~3’ long, if they survive the gauntlet of open-ocean predators, and they will live about one year at depths around 1000-2000’ deep, but the larval-stage one here is only about 3/4”. One last bit of cool trivia about diamond squid is that they are the only known soecies of squid known to be monogamous, with pairs forming early in life and staying together through adulthood!