Against All Odds




LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

STORY: These two new releases came close to making me tear my hair out.  That is, until it all worked out and the magic happened!  But before said magic, there was work, frustration, sleeplessness, aching, and more frustration.

About a week before Hurricane Irma wiped out the last remaining nests, on my 12th straight day of hunting, a single green sea turtle bebeh made its appearance, and as I had been for hours per day, for weeks leading up to this moment, I was completely ready with the camera.  As it swam due east into the rising sun, I, surprisingly, was challenged to keep up!  At first, a breath every few flicks of its pectorals, but soon, it was diving to 4-5′ for 30 seconds at a time.  Pretty amazing for a bebeh who was living under the sand up until 5 minutes ago!
I knew this was my final opportunity of the year, so I gave no thought to where I was swimming, but instead focused on my goal of creating both an adorable portrait for the Fish Faces Collection and something beautiful & dramatic to release as a Limited Edition. I was thrilled to get a close-up of the bebeh, wide-eyed, ready to take on the world, and cuter in real life than even cartoons can portray – thus “Squirt” was born in the Fish Faces Collection