The Giant’s Entourage





STORY: “I had a boat privately reserved at the peak of the whale shark season, and just my luck – a tropical storm had just rolled through and turned the visibility to muck. I’m trying to photograph 45’ long fish in 3’ of visibility. So the situation forced me to ignore my pre-visualized shots, and try something new. And it’s a good thing I did – in hindsight, those shots weren’t very creative, and I’ve seen hundreds of other photographers come out with the same old shot at the surface shooting horizontally. With the school of sardines riding his bow, and the sun right behind him, the low visibility was more of a blessing than a curse, and it’s become my favorite whale shark image to date (and yes, I’ve also got thousands of boring side-on images in clear water too). Honestly, I don’t know if all these perfect elements will come together for me again in my career, and I guess I was lucky to get that lousy visibility.” – Gug