Faery Forest

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LOCATION: San Juan Islands, WA, USA

STORY: “I began just wanting to explore under the canopy of the kelp forest, treacherously tangled as it may be. But within moments of nestling in to watch the light rays dance through the fronds, I found myself engulfed by the forest’s secret inhabitants. Completely hypnotized by the school’s quiet flow around the kelp, I set on a snail’s pace chase, and was forced to detangle myself at least once per minute. The scene felt so mysterious – like something out of a Pixar cartoon – the light rays were so perfect, but changed by the minute as the current shifted the floating fronds, creating a completely new composition with every click of the shutter. Recalling this perfect scene, where nature is at its healthiest and most magnificent, sends a shiver up my spine, and I hope these images do the same to you.” -Gug

Each image in the Faery Forest collection will only be printed one time – there will be no reproductions. You are purchasing an original print, and you will own a true one-of-a-kind photograph. All images were shot in the same location during a single miraculous event, but the light changed as clouds passed overhead and the kelp forest changed form, making each image its own unique composition.